Gallery Espresso Brand Elements

Gallery Espresso is a Savannah, GA based café chain that wants to become established nation wide in the United States’ market. Currently, their competition is perceived as “cookie-cutter”, which has created an opportunity for a coffee café that feels local. Gallery Espresso intends to showcase local art and entertainment to further this perception of local. To successfully meet this opportunity, they needed a new logo identity that gives the perception of a national brand, while still having the feel of being connected with the local community. The brand mark is a hot cup of coffee that fills the room with aroma. It is a happy person and the spirit of creativity. It is the letters “g” and “e”, and also the bristles of a paintbrush in motion. Most importantly, it is the visual representation of the warm, welcoming, and revitalizing experience that is Gallery Espresso. Friz Quadrata Std. was chosen as the font for the logotype due to its vertical movement paired with curves and pointed flourishes. It is sophisticated yet casual, warm and inviting, and reflects a feeling of quality. Once the typeface was chosen for the logo, the letterforms were modified so as to better connect with the logo mark and the overall brand identity.

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