In the book “Beyond Good and Evil”, Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, “Madness is the exception in individuals but the rule in groups.” The point being made with this axiom is that when groups form, irrational and foolish thinking will occur, and that such thinking is not the norm for individuals. After developing a series of concepts, I decided to put the focus on the word “madness”. To do this, “madness” was made large and the rest of the quote was split into the binary set individual/group, which was inserted inside “madness”. Next, I decided to make a statement while also making the quote currently relevant. I did this by placing the colors red and blue against a white background to apply this quote to the United States and its people. It also further enforced the idea of the quote by rendering it somewhat “maddening” to read. Furthermore, the blue/red opposition can also represent the Democrat/Republican and liberal/conservative oppositions, which I think is madness (instead, individuals need to choose what is best for the current need). In essence, it can be interpreted from the piece that the “group think” that we are accustomed to is “madness”, and that each individual needs to think for themself. At the least, we individually need to reflect on what we actually believe, and not just get caught up in “group think”.

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